The different culture from the advertisement

1425397209881In contemporary society, advertising is an essential part of social development, product companies will shoot the advertising in different countries of different style, because of each country is different culture and tradition,that will make advertising present a different national characteristics and differences.

As we can see from the coca-cola Christmas advertisement,American culture and Chinese is completely different.First of all,most Chinese people don’t celebrate Christmas, because of religion ,opposite the Christmas is the most important holiday of the year in the United States, on the Christmas day the family will celebrate together, to go to church to sing hymns, make a wish. people will take out Christmas tree lightsimages.jpg and decorate. For Christmas food also has exquisite, must have a dozen meals,such as Turkey, Christmas pudding,make Christmas cake is very exquisite even start prepare from November.Parents and friends will give each other presents, on Christmas day all misunderstanding and hatred will dissolve, family and friends get together at Christmas.

USA coca cola ADV

(Fengji Wang)



In 1927, Coca Cola company comes into China region, and now which has a very high market rate. the interesting vision and rich themes are more effective way to attract many Chinese young consumers in Coca-Cola advertisement, especially during the holidays, the new advertising gradually become people a kind of look forward to its brand. Friends tend to get-together discuss it, and in the supermarket,they prefer to buy under different theme packaging meaning.This is very interesting because it is also a  kind of Coca Cola strikes root in the people’s hearts.

red-lanterns.jpgAs an example, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival in Chinese history, and it is also one of the most important festival in Chinese mind. On Spring Festival,people tend to return home as far as possible. The whole family reunion to express the wish of next year.

They eagerly looking forward to a new year’s life and a good blessing. In addition, the Chinese defined the color of the Spring Festival which is red , a symbol of joy, reunion, blessing, and also known as “China red”.

So, reunion, red are key words of the spring festival. In this video, Coca Cola grasp the essence of the Chinese new imgres-1.jpgyear, we can see the ads, people gather together, eating, sharing their moods, everyone is very happy.

In some advertising images, we also see some elements of traditional Chinese art, such as fireworks, acrobatics, couplets, the performance of the strong local flavors.

Therefore,Coca-Cola through into China’s traditional culture  by the advertising ,also is the structure of the product in the relationships between the emotional bond.

coca cola china AD
( Xiong Chang )


Audience theory

Audience refers to the receiver of information dissemination. It include readers, the audience of radio and television and other media flows. It has many characteristics.

images-1.jpgFirstly, audience is widespread. The media is open to the whole society, whatever the religions, gender, age or job, every social members can be the audience. So the media dissemination beyond the space, put everyone together. Secondly, audience is complex. People from different place in the world so they have different situations such as geography aspect, culture differences and different value. Thirdly, audience is hidden. We always join the discussion by media flows such as radio and the internet forum, so for the media, the communications in there is hidden. Due to this characteristic, people have freimgres.pngedom of speech.

Audience has important position of the society. Firstly, it strengthen the impact of media. Public opinion provide a direction of human’s behaviors. The information that the public receive are depend on what the media report. In fact, the media provide a standard to audience and audience strengthen the media content. Secondly, audience is the master of culture marketing. The culture marketing is a platform of audience, it shows the mainstream of media.

Audience theory

The mass media impact on our life

Refers to the mass media is to convey information to the public.By the network, news , television,video. The mass media is an important influence in contemporary society , such as roadside billboards, newspapers, magazines and even some schools also use the mass media as a teaching tool .

Before in ancient Chinese people always wrote letter then used birds to convey information. In the 21st century, many people are using the network to communication with each other, this method is convenient and does not waste tiimages.jpgme, you can contact with people at any time any where, more and more companies and schools have chosen to communicate white network of people to getting touch.

With the development of technology many new media technologies emerge , such as social network, Facebook, Skype to facilitate people’s relationship. CCTV in China is the largest company the television transmit news every day at a fixed time , if China will be an important event occurs in people notice cctv channel.The mass media so that people become more intimate relations , promote globalization.


Popular culture China and New zealand

Pop culture is means some stuff,language,ideas,images,which prevalent in social, such as fashion,food, festival.In other way we call that mass culture. The main transmission of pop culture is media.For instance, television programs, books,social network.  Chinese cultural influence the global, more and more foreigner interesting in that,In this lecture i will explain  the difference and similarly  pop culture in china and New Zealand.

As we know, language is the most important role in pop culture.Most of Chinese speak Mandarin and Cantonese, many popular words are come from the network,sometimes will make people laugh. In New Zealand a large proportion of people speak English, some local people speak Maori. I am very interested in Maori culture, totem and carved boats thats reveal unique traditional New Zealand culture.Some library and restaurants have Maori slogan even at bus station,you can see everywhere.images.jpg

New Zealand’s food and Chinese  food is completely different.Chinese like fried,steamed,boiled,and mix vegetables and meat together put in one plate than eat with friend or presents,but kiwi guys like individual serving, eat some imgres-2.jpgsimple food such as BBQ meat, and water cook vegetables. Now many Chinese young people like to go to western restaurant, they think that is a popular. While in New Zealand, some people prefer to eat ‘yumcha’, on weekend. Chinese morning tea has become a popular in here, this is countries popular culture merge.

Embodies the popular culture of a country must be a festival. We call Chinese New Year spring festival,in china spring festival is a very important festival of the year, on that day people will wear new clothes. play fireworks , parents give kids lucky money,eat dumplings.In New Zealand Christmas is a pretty special day, there have Christmas parade and Christmas grandpa will give gift to the children.Although the images-1.jpgfestival is different but the process is almost the same.

To sum up ,the exchange between economic development and countries are getting closer, we need quickly integrate into society and contact new things.

Chinese pop culture

Harry potter Christmas

The silent film

The silent film was invented in England in 1860 , on that time the technology on soundtrack is not advanced, the film actors must rely on exaggerated facial expressions,body language and eye contact to let the audience understand what they want to express , which is the test of actors acting skills.It also has another name called “mimes”.

A typical actor of the silent movie is Charlie Chaplin , he was born in 1989 in London , 1914, for he is a special year , this is his first time on screen , he used his unique acting and Special body language to conquer theimgres.jpg audience , at the time he is highly acclaimed and most popular actor.On 1936 Chaplin’s masterpiece “Modern Times ” was released, this is the most famous movie in his life, Chaplin has been named one of American history ‘s greatest films,swept the world famous.Chaplin’s mustache , cane has became his symbol , he only with limited props, expressions and gesture language to deduct humor silent movies.

The silent film

In this days, I think the silent film representative personage is Rowan Atkinson. In 1990 he starred in ” Mr. Bean ” to attract twenty million viewers , lead he to be a global star . Rowan and Charlie Chaplin all like to use body language and exaggerated expression to amuse the audience.imgres-1

In the contemporary with the development of technology ,a growing number of 2D and 3D films into the movie market, , Fewer people want to focus on the silent movie , personally think mimes is one of the important movie culture in Western and Eastern, we need to inherit this special brilliant film.

The effect of music in movies

  Music is a second language in our life, it is the most primitive and universal expression of art, and music in the film is an important , music can make film more interesting, it can make the audience to have deeper feeling such like happy , horror ,sad,nervous. However, the scenes is a visual art,music is aural art, music has been a part of the movie , music can make a movie plot more fluency , it is difficult to believe that the film without music , it will be very boring.

  In the movie, the music often combine with scenes and lines, if the actor’s no line, is the only music can express , also make the story coherent . Different scenarios using different music , even detailmusic can make movie more exciting , such like horror film will use scary music and comedy will use funny music makes audience laughter.Film music can also express the culture of the country,For example in Chinese movie <To live>Fugui’s wife discard husband and their children elope with other man Fugui felt very sad he sit out of house sing Shanxi folk to express his inner pain and anxiety.This part let us to understand the story also spread the Chinese culture.

On the other hand,In the action film, music also is a very  important part. In movie fast and furious 7 last scene Dominic and Brian go a different way, screen switched to Paul during his lifetime with music see you again moved by audience,it demonstrate music set off by contrast scene,to create screen  artistic and appealing.imgres-3.jpg 

Music can make movies popular also can disrupt the movie.That is most important reason why more and more films will invite famous singer to sing the theme song.However shooting movie or watching movie , we can not underestimate the importance of music in film.


The difference of horror film in the gobal

At the present times more and more culture communication between western countries 250px-Hollywood_Sign_(Zuschnitt).jpgand eastern countries has been carried out.Among them, the film industry could be a popular method of communication.As in the all parts of the world, eastern countries, such as China, are now fond of Hollywood movies,lots of Chinese movie star want to joining festival de cannes.Hollywood movies have always had worldwide influence.By the way in the horror movies, some Asian countries have the ability to compete against Hollywood. And from some angles, it should be realized that the Hollywood does not produce the best horror movies. Take the Japanese classic horror movie Ring as an example. The American edition of Ring could not repeat the classic horror feel of the Japanese edition. In this dissertation, the differences between western and eastern movies will be examined in order to find the reasons for this.

For identifying the features of horror movies in America and Japan, the elements could include: story, scene, music and monsters. It is found that horror movies in America have different monsters than the Japanqiaowe4537201111411331821065.jpgese ones. In American movies, zombie, vampire, werewolf and some people with deformity psychology is the monsters of the American horror movies. The ghost would not often appear in the horror movies images.jpgin Hollywood. As other Hollywood genre movies, American horror movies would have shock scenes and this scene is bloody. Different from American horror movies, Japanese movies would have different monsters. they prefer to using special effects, and make wound exasperate.In Japanese movies, it is found that the major monsters are ghosts. It is said that the horror movies in Japan are the combination of history, culture and current social problems.

I think Japanese horror movies is most famous in the world, it captures the fear of human psychology.In fact the film can show a country’s culture,for example, Japanese people believe that the ghost of murdered victims would not leave this world and they might kill people without any reason.Also, the scenes in Japanese movies would combine with the music and the path to produce a depressed and horrific feeling to the audiences. It is found that the scenes of Japanese movies would give audiences certain psychological pressure. This pressure is made by an empty room, dark stairwell and the lonely houses in the wild. It is suspected that the American horror movies and Japanese horror movies have certain differences. This difference is based on the culture influences of these two countries.[The difference of horror film in the gobal